Ghost Gland

by Ghost Gland

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released February 10, 2009




Lachrymal Quietus Ontario

Official releases from Lachrymal Quietus artists, including Quiet Lakes, Breakfast of Champions, +Amulet, Sex-Tron 5000 and more.

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Track Name: I Hate to See You Cower
It's alright.
Everything will be okay.
Please don't speak.
I want a moment of silence for this.

I hate to see you cower.
It's so pathetic.
Grow up, quit your whining.
This will all be over soon.
I just hate to see you cower...

Feeling chaotic.
Struggling to free a hand.
It's like I'm trapped in the mud.
I'm sinking and it feels alright.
Track Name: Drowning
All ships are sinking
And dragging hopes down with them.
In the barren sea and crying
There no rags to dry up all our tears.
This drowning feels like
tidal fires in our lungs.
By the time we forget this
We'll be long past cold and tired.

Lash, Lash, Lash.
Lacerate the water.
Feel your lungs are burning.
'cause when you're gone
You'll feel nothing more.

An article in the newspaper
Won't even record our names.
What we died for means more than
The burial we will never receive.
The glory of our fleet
Waits for us at the bottom of the sea.
And the safety of our country
Prolonged for another day.

Lash, Lash, Lash
Track Name: The Temperament
With 90-minutes left
'til the end of days we'll say,
"lying is the only way
All here will be free.

"Freedom is the second choice.
It's better left alone.
It's not worth getting all tied up
When we can just atone"

Freedom is the second choice.
Freedom comes and goes.
Choose the way your path will end
And burn eternally.

I'm so sick of this shit.
I'm so sick of you.
I'm so sick of everything.
Misanthropy, the worst in me.

You're all going to burn
I don't care what you think
"Heaven," "Hell," or "God is real"
Your eyes are going to sink

Further into your skull
Your nails and hair will grow
Your body with then be stiff
And when you're dead you'll know...
Track Name: Shadows; Smoke and memories, black as...
I'm stuck in these cold shadows.
The smoke makes my eyes hurt.
It's black and it's cold.

We are all just figures in the smoke.

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